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I am an experienced business consultant, trainer, speaker and entrepreneur. I have accumulated over 14 years of experience in Organisational Development, People Development and Culture Change. I am passionate about designing and delivering leadership development programmes aimed at increasing the self-awareness of individuals and helping them integrate their insights into the development of new behaviours.

  • Business Consulting

    Organisational Development and Change Management

  • Leadership Development

    Developing people through coaching and training

  • Speaking

    Motivational and thought-provoking talks

  • Entrepreneurship

    My involvement in franchising and social enterprises

What I do


Taking people on a transformational journey to develop their leadership and skills


Working with organisations to help them grow, develop and go through change


Inspirational, motivational and thought-provoking talks that make people think differently


Helping foreigners and immigrants to succeed abroad

I am passionate about leadership and helping people and organisations develop their leadership through coaching and my training programmes

Being an immigrant myself, I am passionate about helping other immigrants to become the best they can be. Click below to check 'Foreign Doors'

Foreign Doors

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